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Do you Blog?

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Do you spend ages agonising over your monthly business blog only to wonder if anyone actually reads the damn thing?

Well, rest assured that blogging is still very much an effective content marketing tool as around 80% of internet users interact with them regularly (source: www.demandandmetric.com). Their study goes on to reveal that on average companies with blogs produce 67% more leads than companies without. 

Blogging is also a key part of any SEO strategy. Blogs are responsible for 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links

So, blogs are a very useful part of your marketing arsenal but given that there are so many out there (around 600 million active blogs globally according to HubSpot) how do you make yours stand out in the crowd?

Here's the B Engaging top 5 suggestions for creating more engaging blogs.

1. Don't just write it, video it

Using video clips in your blogs doesn't just make your blog more engaging. It allows you to add depth to the subject, illustrate examples and can also make web content rank in video-based search results.  Here’s an example from blogging masters HubSpot.

2. Show don't tell

Use images and infographics to illustrate your point and explain more complex subjects easily. A graphic designer is obviously the best choice to create bespoke branded infographics for your business and at B Engaging we do just that for many of our clients. However, if budget is an issue Canva is a really useful tool for creating infographics. Alternatively, Hubspot has created 15 free infographic templates in PowerPoint you can download.

3. Length is everything

Ok, it’s a blog not ‘War and Peace’ but equally really short, ‘content light’ blogs are not going to cut the mustard. 

If a subject is worth blogging about it’s worth putting in the effort to include background information, stats to support your message and enough insight to ensure you look like you know what you’re talking about. If your blog is too short it won’t contain enough detail to make you look convincingly expert. 

Check out this blog from our good friends at RAW Pictures. It’s 1,391 words long which is pretty much spot on. It is long enough to contain specific, and useful information without being so long you need to switch your ‘out of office’ on to read it.

4. Think Key Words

Keywords help people find your blog (even when they aren’t specifically looking for it). Keywords are the words or terms that user are most likely to put into a search engine that relate to your blog. For example, ‘how to tie a tie’ is a common search in Google. If you were a men’s clothes retailer writing a blog on ‘Learn how to tie a tie in 5 easy steps’ you’d score pretty highly in that search! Google Trends is a good place to research keywords. For a much more detailed lesson in all things SEO I can highly recommend the SEO video training course from The Evergreen Agency – it’s completely free and has over 28 videos covering all aspects of SEO!

5. Shout about it

A well optimised blog will attract organic traffic through SEO, however, that doesn’t mean you should sit back on your laurels! Make sure you promote your blog on your social media channels and in any other communications (such as newsletters) you have with customers. 

A good tip and one we always follow here at B Engaging is to prep the social media posts at the same time as the blog. Trust me – it will make your life so much easier. 

We tend to work to the following rough rule of thumb:

infograpgic post

However, not all clients will need to be across all those social media platforms and some may be on others (e.g. Pinterest) that’s not listed there. 

Don’t forget to mention your blog in your offline marketing too. For example, if you send out a regular email update or newsletter to your client base mention your blog and what it covers and include a link to it. 

Following these 5 tips will help you focus on making your blogs more engaging and more dynamic. Try them and see what you think…

Too busy to write blogs? Find getting the words down onto paper really difficult? B Engaging can take the hassle out blogging for you. Our expert copywriting skills bring your brand to life and create blogs that people actually want to read. We can also take the strain out of creating infographics, sourcing stunning imagery (original or stock) and working with our partners can bring your brand to life with professional video. Why not give us a call and let us help you make your business be more engaging! 



  • “Working with B Engaging has been an absolute breath of fresh air. In fact we're so impressed we have asked them to take on our marketing for the group as a whole. Lisa is professional, has a real knack of understanding your business quickly and above all is a fun person and a pleasure to work with.”

    Cathy Dunbabin, Director Opendoorz.

  • “B Engaging is great to work with. They’ve helped with some key projects for us and our law firm clients and are always reliable.”

    Sangeet Kaur, Managing Director Lex Conscientia.

  • “I engaged B Engaging to write our new website content. With very little briefing they immediately got to grips with our business model and its aims. They are pragmatic and proactive - suggesting strategies that I hadn't thought of. The project was delivered on time (with very few amendments needed), within budget and we have had great feedback on the work. I will definitely ask B Engaging to work with us again.”

    Victoria Gould, Owner Apple Tree Accountants.

  • “B Engaging’s copywriting skills are superb - they very quickly get to the heart of your business and what you are trying to say, which they then articulate into the perfect copy! Highly recommend.”

    Colette Thompson, Owner Let’s Escape Holiday Homes.


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